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5 Brands We Love at Austin Roundup

Updated: May 29, 2023


Clean is a Yerba Mate energy drink that donates 50 percent of its net profits to recovery. According to Clean, “To date CLEAN Initiatives have supported over 3,893 recovery housing scholarships valued at more than $1,946,595.” We get behind a brand that gives us a little kick with delicious flavors and supports fellows in need of a safe and sober place to recover.

Sir Rat Leather & Gear

Locally owned, Sir Rat is a leather and accessories outfit with locations in Austin and Houston. Their first shop is at 2605 E. Cesar Chavez St., and their newest location is located inside Ripcord, 715 Fairview St., on most evenings in Houston. Owners Luis Bratt and Randy Suratt have been pillars of the LGBT and kink community!


Ashwell is an Austin sexual health and wellness clinic that caters to the LGBT community. Though they started by treating HIV and AIDS about 35 years ago, they have since grown to include more wraparound services to help treat and prevent illness in our community. Ashwell’s services even include wellness visits, vaccines and gender-affirming care. We stan a versatile queen!

Little Gay Shop

OK, so the motto is “Queers for All” and here at Austin Roundup, we abide by that in every color of the rainbow. Shop queer artists, magazines, tchotchkes, and more at this quaint little shop of gay. Drop by and be able to tell folks back home you had a gay old time in Austin!

Sans Bar

Chris Marshall founded Sans Bar as a space for people in recovery and others who abstain from alcohol to create new connections.

In a small corner in East Austin, the comfy space hosts events, meetings and evenings in an alcohol-free setting. The space is open as a bar from 7 p.m. to midnight on Fridays, so be sure to stop by to relax.

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